Fountains vs. Diffused Aeration – Which is Better?Fountains are a popular choice when decorative aerator is desired. Fountains splash the surface of the pond and help control surface algae and duckweed, but do not aerate down to the bottom of deep ponds.

Diffused aeration is the best way to aerate deep ponds. Because the air diffuser lays on the bottom you achieve total pond aeration from top to bottom regardless of depth.

Long, narrow ponds may require multiple diffusers to properly aeratethe entire pond. Square, circular and oval ponds can usually be aerated from central diffuser if one acre or less in size.
One acre is 43,560 square feet; approximately 208 ft x 208 ft


Pond Aeration Systems
Diffused aerationsystems are the best way to aerate, destratify and create circulation on ponds over 6′ deep. Each system has three basic parts.
  • an air compressor
  • an air hose
  • an air diffuser
The air compressor sits on shore and pumps air out through the hose to the air diffuser located on the bottom of the pond. The result is thousands of tiny bubbles rushing out of the diffuser to the pond surface, creating circulation and providing aeration. There are several advantages to using diffused aeration kits instead of surface aerator:
  • Electric motor is on shore, not in the water
  • Air diffusers lay on the bottom, ensuring aeration of entire pond from bottom to top, regardless of depth size
  • With proper sizing, tubing lengths up to 2000′ can be achieved for ponds without electricity nearby

All motors are designed for continuous duty operation and are oil-less for low maintenance. Periodic cleaning of air filter and replacement of diaphragm and gasket every few years is all that will be necessary. We can build much larger systems or alter these kits to fit you specific needs. Robust-Air diffusors Get up to 50 % more oxygen in the water with is break through design. Please call for assistance. Kits include everything needed for installation and operation. Tubing is self-weighted for convienent and secure installation.

AirMax Aeration System
Our most popular aeration systems, the Pond Series™ Aeration Systems are powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 4 acres and can be adapted to fit uniquely shaped ponds for maximum aeration. Diverse Pond Series™ systems make aeration a breeze. Our single plate PS10 system is excellent for smaller or regularly shaped ponds while the 2 plate PS20 tackles larger water bodies up to 2 acres, or ponds with an irregular shape that require precision plate placement for even circulation.
Airmax® Composite Cabinet
Our attractive composite cabinet houses and protects the SilentAir™ Compressor from outdoor elements. An integrated cooling system utilizes a ventilation fan with rain shroud and high-density air intake pre-filter to distribute air evenly throughout the cabinet keeping the interior components clean, cool and dry. An elevated base protects the aeration hardware and electrical components from flooding and rainwater accumulation while the removable top ensures quick and easy access for inspection and maintenance. Every Airmax® Composite Cabinet in our Pond Series™ comes complete with a pre-wired electrical box and 6 foot power cord to provide power to the enclosed cooling fan and aeration compressor. The Airmax® Composite Cabinet comes with a lifetime warranty on the cabinet and a 2-year warranty on electrical components.
SilentAir™ Series Aeration Compressor
The heart and soul of each Pond Series™ Aeration System, our powerful whisper-quiet SilentAir™ rocking piston compressors push oxygen through your pond while remaining energy efficient – costing as little as $7 a month in electricity running 24/7. Each SilentAir™ aeration compressor is fitted with an integrated air regulator to provide easy airflow-management and is mounted on vibration reducing rubber feet to ensure quiet operation.
ProAir™4 Weighted Diffuser
Designed for maximum oxygen uptake, our ProAir™4 Weighted Diffuser incorporates high-efficiency low-maintenance membrane sticks to release tiny oxygen bubbles into the water column. Membrane diffusers posses the synergy of air stones without the headaches of cracking and acid-washing. The ProAir™4 Weighted Diffuser has an integrated check valve to prevent back pressure on the compressor. The innovative sled design keeps the ProAir™4 submerged while maintaining an upright position during installation.
EasySet™ Airline
A thick wall and lead-free construction make EasySet™ airline the perfect pond-safe choice. Resistant to rips and tears, EasySet™ airline is resilient against fishing hooks and foot traffic from swimmers, pets and wildlife. The 3/8” & 5/8” Weighted Airline is designed to stay submerged underwater and out of sight and is guaranteed not to float. The 5/8” Direct Burial Airline is designed for underground use because of its resistance to crushing and deforming.

Instructional VideosThe Airmax® EcoSystem

Learn about the proactive pond management system from Airmax
Airmax® Aeration System Installation
Learn how to install your Airmax® Aeration System.

Eco Air Commercial Air Pump
– High Pressure and Output
– Ideal for running multiple air stones
– Electrical magnetic air compressor in high-quality aluminum alloy case
– Cylinders & pistons are made of very strong and durable materials
– Includes multi-outlet air manifold
– Convenient to operate without oil or much noise
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